• *Cerelia was in the garden when she heared someone was knocking on the door....she was surprised, who could come so late, maybe a postman...*

    Hmmm...who is knocking so late? I hope everything is fine and nothing's happening. Well, I'll open the door and find out right now...

    *On the way to open the door Cerelia was thinking:*

    Hmm...father is already in Hispania, this I know for sure, they must be fine...Here I open the door.....

    *Cerelia opend the door and saw him, yes, it was Sedulus. Cerelia in one moment became the most happy lady over the world. She smiled and said:*

    Oh, gods! What a lovelly and nice surprise. Lilies again....ah, what a beauty! :) Thank You very much dear Sedulus....why don't You come in?! :)

  • Die Türe ging auf und da sah ich sie vor mir stehen, Cerelia.
    Sie schien überrascht, mich zu sehen...

    Ich gab ihr den Strauß Lilien, ihre Lieblingsblumen.

    Salve Cerelia. grüßte ich sie, sie strahlte.

    Ich dachte mir ich komme mal auf einen Besuch bei Dir vorbei als ich im Garten in der Casa Sedulus saß und über einiges nachdachte.

    Wir betraten die Casa Scribionia...

    Pater Familias der Gens Germanica

    Academicus Milititaris Cursus Numero II

  • What a nice surprise to see You again in Casa Scribonia! :)

    Where would You prefere, should we take a sit in Casa or maybe You would like to take a walk in garden?...ah, I see You are comming from Your garden, so, we'll enter Casa then, just to change a circumstance. ;) Do You have a big garden over there?...I'm sure You do, and it's also nice as our is. :)

    *Cerelia and Sedulus entered Casa, they've entered the living room.*

    So, dear Sedulus, how are You? I thought You already went to Germania, and I must admit, I was quite upset for that reason, but it's nice to see You here. :)

  • Ich sah ihr in die Augen und antwortete.

    Wir können gerne in den Garten gehen wenn es Dir lieber ist.
    Hier in Roma ist der Garten um einiges kleiner als in Mogontiacum.

    Und da war es wieder, dieses schreckliche Bild von Servilia wie sie tot im Garten der Casa Germanica lag.

    Oder wollen wir lieber einen Spaziergang in den Sraßen Romas machen? fragte ich Cerelia.

    Wie es mir geht? iIch denke den Umständen entsprechend doch recht gut.
    Ich hoffe doch Dir geht es ebenfalls gut?

    Nach Germania, ich weiß noch nicht wann ich wieder nach Germania zurückkehre.

    Pater Familias der Gens Germanica

    Academicus Milititaris Cursus Numero II

  • *Cerelia also looked in eyes of Sedulus...in his wonderful and truthful eyes and said:*

    Well, You are my guest, and we'll have our conversation where You will prefere....but we also can take a walk through the Rome, as You say, why not, that's a very good idea! :)

    And it's very nice, that You are going to stay in Rome for some time again...I'm going to stay here for a while too.

    So, we are going out. I'll just tell to the serves, that I'm leaving...that I'm leaving with You, otherwise they will have a willing to accompany me. Father commanded them not to leave me alone. ;)

    *Cerelia called the serve, she came. After Cerelia told her, that she was leaving Casa for a while with Traianus Germanicus Sedulus and would come back soon. After cerelia and Sedulus left Casa Scribonia.*

  • Endlich war es soweit. Endlich konnte er den lieblichen Duft von Hispania's Hügeln einatmen. Endlich hatte er wieder seine wahren Freunde um sich, kurz seine Heimat.

    Der Umzug ging gut vonstatten. Man schonte, so gut es ging, auch die gute Selnya. Was sie wohl alles erleiden musste. Seine geliebte Tochter war auch da.

    Doch nun fragte sich Curio, wo denn Hestia und Antiope seien. Eigenartig hörte er noch nichts von ihnen...


    amare et sapere vix deo conceditur

  • Well, the gareden looks much better now :) ...Oh, hello father. :) Nice to see You. How are You? I admit: - missed You. ;)

    You are asking about Hestia and Antiope...well, Hestia is doing her herbal stuff, I don't know for sure where, but it has to be somewhere in Hispania...Antiope, she asked me to give her permission to leave Casa Scribonia for a while, well, I let her to go...

  • :) Hispanian air?! Yes, our homeland and it's air. :D

    ...but father, You were ill, what could I do? But I warnd this slave...if it will do something in "its stile" :D then it will be punished and punished so that it will remember that for a quite long time.

  • Malachias stürzte in den Garten und suchte die hohen Herrschaften auf.

    "Verzeiht, Herr, verzeiht Herrin. Doch melden ich doch muss, dass Antiope da wieder ist. Sie ist in der Spatio Hestia...hoffentlich gewaschen und Wolle ohne."

  • Aha, so this Slave came back...very interessting. Why it went to Spatio Hestia, who gave the permission? And why first it didn't came to see the Master???

    I wish to know where this slave was, I guess father it's quite important, right?

  • "Herrin...ähm...verzeiht...sie war ganz dreckig und ich schickte sie ersteinmal wasche, um sauber anzutreten vor den Herrschaften....aber ich hole sie sofort."

  • So, You will talk with that serve, father? Ah, and I should be with You during Your conversation with it? Well, if You wish so then, I obey to my beloved father's will. So, shall we go to Your Tablinum? :)

    *Helena and Curio left garden and went to Curio's Tablinum*

  • *Helena heared someone was calling....actually she heared some sounds from garden and went to see what was going on over there.*

    Oh, gods!!! I can't belive!!!!!!!!! Cousen Luculus is back!!!!
    :wink: Hi there :) What a nice and unexpacted surprise. :)
    Come in, come in....I'm gonna call everybody.

    *Helena and Luculus went to Casa*

  • *Helena opend her eyes...she could see the sun shine and hear how birds were singing. After she looked around and saw, that there were some people with her. Finally she got, that she was in garden...but what happend, little Helena couldn't remember...*

    What is going on, what happend? Why I'm here, in this garden??? Strange...hmm, I don't know.

    *Then Helena looked on the floor and saw two snakes...*

    Oh, gods...this creaturs again...no, that's impossible. How one can keep them, especially inside the house?! Honestly I didn't knew about their existance over here....now I can remeber everythig, oh yes! Thiese creaturs made me feel terrible....

  • "Ma'am ye have been a wee out but ye didn't miss mush Curio Has His 80th B.D Tomorrow...
    Rome yust fell but on the Whole the World is O.K..."
    *I Laughed Friendly...*
    "Ye are alright Lassie..Come on..Show Them Ye are a Scrrribonia and everything is O.K..
    These Two would never hurt Ye..." :)

  • Yes, I am Scribonia, and I'm very proud of thet. But first of all, I'm a lady. So, I don't think, that ladies are feeling pretty well, when next to them are such creatures.......Thank you Luculus, I feel myself better, of course without snakes I would feel much bette, belive me.

    *Then suddenly Helena turned to Luculus.*

    Curio, my father Curio has birthday, tomorrow?! No...who told you that???

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