• Joks, joks, joks....oh yes, I like them very much. I guess you know that...but not, when I have critical moments in my life...

    *After a moment, Helena began laughing, then she said:*

    ....doesn't matter, thank you Luculus, you've make me laugh. I really needed that. :) ...Help me?! No, there is no need. You see, I'm a strong Scribonia. :D ;)

    So, I guess, I'm gonna leave you now. I need to take a rest, I better go to my room. After I shall think, what can we do, with thiese snakes of grandma Kaleandra. ;)

    Luculus, enjoy beeing in ths, nice garden and our beautiful Casa Scribonia.

    *Helena left the garden and went to her room.*

  • I Wrapped Me Cloak arround Me and Sagged off to Sleep as well
    However waking up by every sound my Huskarl next to Me ready When nesc.
    I dreamed of the Lovly Hills of Caledonia and Those of kassandra... :D :)

  • "A Merry guud Morrrning to Ye Ma'am He and Ce...
    I Prromised to hav' a luuk at Ma'am's Selnya and Hestia Weer can I find Tham Pleace.


    Bit of Me On Dialeckt :D

    I Promsed Ma'am Kdra I'dd Try to Help Them."

  • *Helena was in garden, lookin for some nice flowers for Casa. She heared a voice form the backside. Helena turned around...*

    Ah, good morning cousen. :) ...Selnya and Hestia?! Oh, yes, of course. You can find them in Spatio Hestia. Very good, I'm pleased you want to help us. Thank you. Hestia really needs some help.

    I'm just interessted, where my sister, Cerelia is...strange, she had to come and help me with flowers, but...ahm, anyway. So, Hestia and that slave are in Spatio.

    Have a nice day cousen. ;)

  • Ay Yes I Know where That is...
    Well I Think Ma'am Hes needs the Gods and a Grand Miracle ..
    Ma'am Sely well ..Aelios Wind is well Curable but as I heard She negelected Her Health.
    I Have a look and Try to inform Ye later..."

  • Oh, yes, please do that and tell me how Hestia is.
    Ma'am Selnya?! Joking??? It is a slave...how can you call it in the same way as you call me and Hestia???? No, no!

    Ah, anyway, the most important is, that I would like to know how they are, espesially my dearest cousen Hestia....so, till later. ;)

  • *After Luculus left, Helena continued walking through the garden, collecting some nice flowers...thinking about something.*

    I hope with Hestia everything will be fine and she will recover very, very soon...I don't want to sufer again. The story with father was enough, I don't want anymore!...but that's very interessting where that slave Antiope is. Father told to Malachias to call it and bring it to his Tablinum...so...

    *Then Helena saw her sister, Cerelia, strolling very, very happy...of course in her hands was the gift from Sedulus.*

    Aha, lady Cerelia...finally. :) Where have you been darling? I see you can't leave this book...Here, take thiese flowers, let's leave them in Casa and after if you want we can take a walk throgh the city. I'll tell to our cousen Luculus as well. So, what you say about that? Actually cousen is in spatio, but he'll be back soon...so let's finish quickly with thiese flowers and go to the city, cause I'm borred sitting all the day in this Casa and doing it's stuff. I think you too, my lovely flower....but, noooo, now you have your book, you are happy with it....ah, it doesn't matter, we'll go to the city anyway. ;)

  • Good afternoon dearest Helena. :)

    *After Cerelia looked at her hands which were holding the book.*

    ...ah, this one, yes, it's my favorite. A gift from Sedulus, you are right. ;) Actually I was reading this book, in my room, it's Eneide. You used to read it, right? :)

    *Cerelia took flowers.*

    Well, why not, we can take a walk through Tarraco, it will be very nice....oh, my darling, you are borred?! Why that...I'm sure you'll also find one who'll be doing his best to make you happy. :) ...fine, fine. Let's finish with flowers and go to the city. You want Luculus to come with us? Great! I hope, he'll agree...so, let's wait when he'll come back from spatio. :)

  • *Helena looked at Cerelia and said:*

    Good that you've got it by yourself, that it's not a theme for you to discus, when I'll meet the right gentlman, or if I ever meet him.

    Yes, my darling, Eneide, I used to read it...it's a wonderful work of Virgilio. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :) I guess Sedulus chose the right book for you. :)

    Ah, so we've almost finished. We have to take thiese flowers into Casa and find some nice places for them. Come let's go to Casa and after well'realize our plan and go to the city. ;)

  • Ah, my darling, I'm so sorry, I didn't wanted to make you upset. Please, forgive me. :) ...ah, so you want to tell me, that this book deserves honor and love? ;) Perfect! Actually I've noteced, it's really very interessting.

    Yes, let's go to Casa, I think thiese amout of flowers are enough. They're gonna make our Casa more lovely and nice. :)

  • No, my dear, you didn't make me upset. With me evrything is fine, just you should know what and where you have to say. It's not required to discus someone's personal life, even if that person is your sister. :) You are still young, so you need to learn a lot and I'm sure you'll do it. :)

    Yes, flowers...I guess I've collected stock of them, it's more then enough...oh, here you got them too. Oh, gods! Flowers, I guess whole Casa will be in flowers now. :D ;)

    *Cerelia and Helena went form garden to their beloved Casa Scribonia.*

  • Oh, fanally, a place where nothing terrible is going on...a pleace where one can take a rest and think about something good. :)

    Now I need to clean my beautiful flowers from thiese, useless weeds...Cerelia is reading her Eneide, the reast of family members and not only are in the room, discusing a "subject of the day"...so nobody's gonna disturbe me. I can take care of my garden, then I'll visit father in his Tablinum....

    Oh, here everything is done. I think my, Casa Scribonia's garden is the most beautiful in the whole Rome. I'm so proud. ;) And thiese flowers, at the enterance to Casa, they are just perfect. :)

    Now I can take a sit over here, near my beloved lilies and take a rest, then I'll go to Tablinum as I've already said. :)


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  • **Ich wachtte auf und sah das wir durch den Garten gingen..**
    "BITTE! stehlt mich hier bein den Rosen hin und öffnet die Vorhängen sodas ich den Garten sehen kann.
    Und bitte hohlt ein Decken sodas ich mich nicht erkälte..."


    WACH auf Galinia..du Süße meine Lehrlingen..
    **Ich nam der gestalt einer älter Man an mit ein Bart und ein Weissen Mantel**
    "Da bist du ja......
    Du hast mich gut gedient Galinia...und auch ich halte mein versprechen dir gegenüber
    Dein Ehe wirt unter das Zeichen der Hera und Mich stehen...ein guter Man und Süße Kinder werden dein Teil sein.
    Doch auch abenteuer und geschehenissen.
    Ich werde dich heilen mit Kaleandra's Hilfe und die von Kassandra..

    "Ja ich weiss ich werde sie zeigen"
    **Ich Zeichnete ein großer Circel in den Himmel der dan zu ein Ball würde wodrin sich ein Bilt aus kristalisierte...
    Zwei Frauen im regnerischen Germanien, ein Dunckelharig ein Blond...
    Ein Trug Schlangen der andere ein bilt ihre Kinder im Hertzen..

    Dan ein Man Ohne Gesicht , ein Erbarmüngslose Jäger der auf ihre Fährten war....**
    "Sie Leben, es geht ihnen gut und sie kommen lebend zurrück hierher.
    Dan wirst du sie an dich nemen und beschitzen sogut du kannst ,ich habe noch pläne mit beide und nicht nur ich sonder andere Göttern auch.
    Es darf ihnen kein Leitt geschehen.

    Galinia ...wenn die aedicula fertig ist wirst du das Priester Ambt niederlegen
    Du weist schon warum..

    Nun schlafe meine süße und traüme von dein Flavius und mein Dank und Wohlwollen...."

  • Hestia, darling! I'm so pleased to see you...gods heared my prayers and you feel better, that's wonderful.

    You like here? As you can see I've changed quite lot's of things...we got planty of new flowers, actually I brought them from Italia. They are just perfect, aren't they?...and look at this water lilies, they are pretty and charming, aren't they. :)

    Oh, you like Roses? Give me just a second...

    *Helena left for a moment her cousen and came back with a bunch of Roses.*

    So, my darling, thiese Roses are for you. Take them and after put them in your room, they will make it more beautiful. :)

  • **I was a bit siouned by the Vision of Aesculap and needed a moment to get to My sences...
    Than Helena came with Flowers ......beautifull Roses..**
    "TANK YOU...............exactly My Color How did You Know That??
    The match a bit My Skin color as You See...........There Lovly!!"

  • You are welcome my darling...you are my cousen, of course I know which and what colour of flowers you like. :) I'm glad you are happy and hope it will be endless in your life. :)

    Oh, sure grandma, I'll go to father and talk with him about our wonderful Hestia's marriage, I'm sure he'll be agree and with great pleasure wil bless both of them. :) ...I'm on my way to tell him about this.

    *Helena left the garden and went to Curio's Tablinum.*

  • *I Sat next to Hestia while She was asleep...
    She was Happy and I heard Her Talk in Her Sleep...
    Yes She had come towarts Her Goal...and I was sattisfaied.
    I Heard a Voice ...soft and Friendly ....one I Knew so well.

    "Kaleandra..........See I have Come for You , soon I will take You Home My Daughter......Yes THAT is What You are......My Daughter and I am Proud of You as You Kept the Flame of My Religion alive...

    I will Take You Straight to the Olymp Where You Shall have Youre Place among the Immortals the Place You have richly earned.

    Enjoy the Marridge and the Building of Galinia's Aedicula...after That I will come again and Take You With Me....

    Now Sleep Sweet Child of Mine...Sleep and be Strong I will teach You how to Cure Galinia....willest You are a Sleep."

    **I was not surpraised yust the bit with "Daughter" was so far New That Now He Clearly statted That My Mother had always Spoken the Thruth..That was a bit off a Surprice Yes....**
    "So be it...Father...."
    "Yes Daughter.......now go to Sleep Kassandra will wake over the Both of You, She Knows.."

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